Avantone MP1 review 2017

Avantone venture into the headphone market for the very first time, with some very promising results.  Check out the very latest Avantone MP1 review here.

Avantone are best known for their very well respected microphones and mix boxes.  Indeed the Avantone Mix Boxes are well known for sounding bad, but helping the mixer engineer get the best possible mix.  Indeed, if you can get something to sound good on an Avantone Mix Box, then it will likely sound good on anything.

Many headphones designed for studio use have exaggerated low and high frequencies which may make the mix sound better, but mask the realities of the mix, especially in the mid ranges.  The Avantone MP1s are designed to not exaggerate anything and there provide the mix engineer with with a true and unbiased sound to mix from.  Read on to check out the very latest Avantone MP1 review and help you decide if they are the headphones for you.

Avantone MP1 - avantone mp1 review

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 Style and Comfort

The MP1s are certainly a quirky looking set of headphones.  Indeed, the cream and silver ear cups give them a retro look and feel, whilst the purple adds an element of fun.  The detailing is good, with a soft leather headband with elegant metal finishes.  When put all together you will either love or hate the look of the MP1s.  Ultimatley, when mixing in your studio, who cares what they look like, as long as they sound good.

The Avantone MP1s are not the most comfortable set of headphones, but they are certainly not the worst.  As you can see from the picture they are fairly large, which results in them being heavier than other headphones on the market.  Also they can feel quite intrusive if placed around the neck between listening sessions.  However, the ear cups are finished with a soft leather and do feel nice against the ear.

In conclusion, the Avantone MP1s are a quirky looking set of headphones that will allow for extended use.  There are better options on the market in terms of comfort, but the MP1s can certainly be used for long mixing sessions.


As mentioned earlier the MP1s are really geared towards production and mixing, which explains some of the interesting features included on the headphones.  The main selling point is the unique design that allows the user to move between stereo mode, mono mode and a specially coloured ‘mix mode’.   The ‘mix mode’ focuses on midrange frequencies to simulate the sound of Avantone’s Mixcubes.  The ‘mix mode’ allows for a better articulation of critical mix frequencies, which can help you get a high quality of mix on lower quality systems.  This is especially useful as the majority of music listeners are not listening to their music on expensive kit.

Sound and Performance

The performance of the Mp1s is strong.  The sound isolation is very good, which is helped by the weight of the headphones.  When worn you really can get immersed in the sound.  They have an good, wide frequency response which give you everything you need to do an effective mix.  The sound in not coloured or tweaked in anyway, perfect for a true and non-biased mixed.  In addition the bass still sounds tight and the high end sounds nice and clear.

The MP1s are a closed back headphone which can restrict the sound stage a little.  As a result you do not get the wide response that can be got through open back reference headphones.  However, the MP1s are quite cheap in comparison with that level of reference headphone.  The important thing is that you can do a very good mix with the MP1s and as a result any negatives with the headphones take back seat.

Ultimatley the headphones are designed for mixing and allowing you to get the truest mix is their main aim.  As a result the three different ‘mix modes’ really helps you achieve a mix that will sound good on a variety of systems.


The MP1s are a new and bold set of headphones.  They have a quirky, interesting, potentially cool look and feel and about them.  The ‘mix modes’ gives the mixer the best opportunity to get a clean, consistent and unbiased mix.  They could be slightly more comfortable, but when used any niggles around comfort are soon forgotten.

Avantone MP1 review fact file

  • Frequency response — 18Hz-25kHz
  • Driver size — Large format 50mm drivers
  • Rated power — 15mW
  • Maximum power — 30mW
  • SPL — 113dB IEC-318@1mW, 1kHz
  • Impedance 16ohm +/-2.4 (15%)
  • Weight .55kg

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