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This is a site set up by a self confessed audio and recording geek to share hints, tips, reviews and experience.  I’m Andy and I love listening to music and recording music and my hope is that site will help you choose the best headphones, the right microphones and the right recording equipment.  I’ll also do my best to share some top recording tips and techniques.

On this site we have reviews into the best headphones, great audio interfaces, microphones for different purposes and other useful tips and hints.  There is plenty on the site, so feel free to have a browse around!


Headphones are one of those items we don’t really thinka bout, but are actually vital to our everyday life.  Whether we are out and about, commuting, exercising, recording music or even mixing music, we need headphones.  There is also so much choice in a very saturated market so finding the best headphones is often hard.  For example, there are in ear headphones, over ear headphones, wireless headphones and studio headphones to name a few.  They all have very specific jobs that they do better.

Below are some useful links to some articles on the site which will help you understand the different types of headphones available.


Finding the right microphone for recording music is as important finding the best headphones, or the best recording space.  In short, you need a microphone that is durable, affordable and that sound great.  Another important factor is finding versatile microphones that will be able to recording various instruments and sounds to a high standard.  For example, a good quality condenser microphone would recording vocals, piano, acoustic guitar and act as a drum overhead microphone.

There are also sorts of types of microphones in the market, from dynamic to condenser microphones, cardioid microphones to omnidirectional microphones.  Over the last few years there has also been an influx in USB microphones which have become especially popular with podcast recording due to their simplicity and ease of use.

Home Recording

There are many different elements to home recording and it is my hope that my articles on microphones, speakers, audio interfaces and home recording studios will help you be successful in creating you own.

An audio interface is arguably the most important component to a modern home recording studio as it is the device that converts the analogue signal into a digital one, allowing you to recording your instruments and your songs.  There are some fantastic and very affordable interfaces on the market, so it is worth a look at the blog posts below to explore what it available to you.

I also have articles talking about the best speakers and the best headphones to use when creating a recording studio.  I also offer some advice and tips on how to set up your very own recording studio.  Checkout the articles below to find out more.